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American Safe Wash uses the Non Pressure Cleaning method called softwashing and uses only professional grade, fully biodegradable cleaners designed specifically for cleaning and treating surfaces in the most effective and safest way. American Safe Wash is Connecticut 1st and Oldest Softwash Systems Authorized company in the state of Connecticut.
Cedar shake siding is often affected by mold, mildew as well as ultra violet exposure. Typically higher quality shakes are used for roofing applications and lesser quality shakes are used for siding. American Safe Wash’s cedar shake cleaning process is able to clean this delicate surface down into the pores of the wood resulting in the deepest clean without damaging the wood fibers in the process. Our soft wash cleaning process is the perfect preparation for subsequent staining and/or sealing.

Did you know…
The grey coloration seen in cedar shake is most often the result of untreated (non stained and/or non sealed) shake being exposed to the sun. Later this grey turns black, which is indicative of mold growth within the pores of shake. If that grey color is not the aesthetic look you desire then having the shake stained and/or sealed after cleaning is recommended.

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