Keep Your Area Clean with Professional Commercial Pet Waste Management

Connecticut’s Only DNA Based Pet Waste Management Program Designed To Service Condos, Apartments and Managed Communities


  • Reduces Pet Waste up to 75%-100%
  • Increases Retention Rates
  • Creates Accountability
  • Improves Hygiene and Cleanliness
  • Protects your Grass
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  • We work jointly with you to determine the best way to implement the program and meet your community needs.
  • Implementation can be designed to be at nearly no cost to the property management by utilizing a small portion of the pet deposit.
  • Property management receives free hosted software will all administrative tools needed to add/maintain dogs in your community or we can provide that service for you
  • Unique pet ID tags are numbered with each registered dog’s ID number for easy recognition within your community.
  • Custom pet policy amendments and notification emails for registered dog owners.
  • Training and Support for you and your maintenance staff.
  • Pet Owners receive a free account on the DNA World Pet Registry to access their pet profiles and discounts.
  • Pet Owners also recieve free lost-and-found service, with lifetime Proof of Identity based on their pet’s DNA profile.
  • Each pet owner can upload pet photographs, pet profile, medical history storage, record vaccinations, and much more!

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