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American Safe Wash uses the Non Pressure Cleaning method called softwashing and uses only professional grade, fully biodegradable cleaners designed specifically for cleaning and treating surfaces in the most effective and safest way. American Safe Wash is Connecticut 1st and Oldest Softwash Systems Authorized company in the state of Connecticut.
Clean and Protect!
Painted wood siding cleaning presents the challenge of cleaning the surface without prematurely removing the paint or damaging the underlying wood. Soft washing avoids the problems commonly associated with other pressure based cleaning methods. Our cleaning process uses garden hose strength pressure to achieve our desired results with minimal disturbance.

 What about using a pressure washer to strip paint?
Although it is a common practice to strip paint with a pressure washer, it is not our recommendation to use a pressure washer for this purpose. Pressure washers will strip paint quickly however most often times chipped or peeling paint has already allowed moisture to penetrate beneath the paint and using a pressure washer to strip the paint also results in damage to the underlying wood. Specifically made paint scrapers and/or chemical strippers are more appropriate for this application and safer for the overall service life of your painted siding surfaces.

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