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American Safe Wash uses the Non Pressure Roof Cleaning method called softwashing and uses only professional grade, fully biodegradable cleaners designed specifically for roof cleaning. American Safe Wash is Connecticut 1st and Oldest Softwash Systems Authorized company in the state of Connecticut.
Clean and Protect!Non-pressure Softwash roof cleaning is the only way to clean your roof and maintain the granules that protect your investment. High and Low Pressure Roof Cleaning destroy protective granules which decrease the life of your roof.Stop Fungal Erosion!An Asphalt shingle is constructed from a fiberglass mat which has been coated with weather resistant mineral granules that act as a protective barrier for the fiberglass substrate. It is the weather resistant granules which afford asphalt shingles their long service life. When a shingle loses enough of these protective granules, the underlying fiberglass is exposed to the damaging UV rays of the sun which in turn cause the shingle to curl and fail. Therefore the key to maintaining this roof shingle’s service life is to ensure that the protective granules stay in place thus protecting the underlying fiberglass layer. Granular loss can occur from natural elements such as wind and rain but these forces are compounded with the devastating effects of fungal erosion.

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