Air Duct Cleaning

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    It is important to get regular air duct cleanings. Allergies, asthma, other respiratory conditions are aggravated by humidity problems, dust and VOCs found in most homes. Humidity too high or too low can be problematic for asthma sufferers. has been quoted as saying: “The best way to improve symptoms is to eliminate the source of the allergen from the home whether that is the pet or a heavily mite-infested upholstered chair. The next best step is to take measures to decrease the exposure to the allergen. Other important measures are to increase the circulation of outdoor air into the home and to reduce the humidity as much as possible.” This is best achieved with source removal of allergens. Sources for allergens include; pets, furniture, carpets as well as air ducts.

    Our air duct cleaning service attempts to achieve what recommends which is to reduce the amount allergens our customers are exposed to through their air duct system as well as dryer vent. We use a contact cleaning process in order to achieve this goal. As part of your cleaning service we perform a video inspection of your duct system, clean all the supply lines, returns, and covers. Finally, we us an anti bacterial application to help sanitize the ducts after they have been properly cleaned

    When should you clean your ducts?

    • You notice an unpleasant smell in your home
    • Your registers are dirty
    • Allergies or Asthma is prevalent in your family
    • Young children or elderly family living with you
    • You have pets
    • There are smokers in the house
    • Moved into a new home
    • Recent home renovation or new construction

    Our cleaning process

    Video Inspection

    Determine whether cleaning is necessary. Inspect for improperly joined junctions which are causing leaks. Also so you can see the job was done properly.

    Brush and Vacuum System

    A rotating brush scrubs the walls of the ductwork and any debris is vacuumed up immediately. Our equipment uses HEPA filters to keep the dust in the machine and only clean air is returned to your home.

    Anti-microbial Application

    After the ducts are cleaned, we apply a sanitizer to kill any microbial items not see by the naked eye.


    (CDET) Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician
    (Adcs) Certified Air Duct Cleaning Specialist

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