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    Problems associated with clogged gutters

    Preventing problems with regular maintenance can avoid the following problems.

    • Water damage at your roof line and in your basement
    • Creates nesting site for termites, birds, mosquitoes and other insects
    • Damage to your landscape and gutters

    gutter maintenance program

    American Safe Wash offers several gutter service solutions including a semi-annual gutter maintenance service which will help to ensure that your gutters stay free and clear of debris to help keep your gutters clog free. Benefits of being on a gutter maintenance service are:


    • PREVENTION – Consistent cleaning will prevent your gutters from clogging
    • IDENTIFICATION – Twice a year inspection can help identify small issues before they become big ones
    • SIMPLE – You don’t have to remember to schedule the service (We will call you each fall and spring to schedule your gutter cleaning service appointment)
    • SAVINGS – Our maintenance program offers a significant discount

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