Professional Siding Cleaning from American Safe Wash

What are the reasons for considering a siding cleaning service?

SidingImprove curb appeal:

A siding cleaning can assist to get rid of dirt, filth, and other accumulation that can make the exterior of your home look drab and ugly. Your property may stand out and have more curb appeal with clean siding.

sidingIncreased home value:

A siding that is clean and well-maintained, thanks to regular siding cleaning, can raise the worth of your house. You may enhance the beauty and resale value of your property by paying for professional siding cleaning services.

Siding DamageAvoid damage:

Over time, dirt and grime accumulation on your siding can result in rotting, discoloration, and the formation of mold. The lifespan of your siding can be extended, and such damage prevented with routine siding cleaning.

Consequences that could result from not hiring a professional to clean your siding.

Siding Cleaning ineffectively:

If you attempt siding cleaning without the right equipment and methods, you might not be able to get rid of all the accumulation, filth, and grime, leaving your siding appearing drab and unappealing.

Siding DamageSiding damage:

Employing ineffective siding cleaning techniques, such as high-pressure water or strong chemicals, can harm your siding. Costly repairs or perhaps a complete replacement may be necessary as a result.

Siding CleaningSafety risks:

Cleaning your siding, especially without proper training and safety gear, can be risky. You run the risk of falling, getting hurt, or even breaking other items on your property during siding cleaning.

Every exterior siding surface has different cleaning needs and requirements. 

American Safe Wash specializes in using the correct methods and cleaners to provide the highest quality professional cleaning service.

Don’t let unpleasant black and green streaks make your siding ugly and weak. Instead of worrying, call American Safe Wash if you notice signs of buildup. We’re a professional provider of siding cleaning services, including in Colorado. We practice effective siding cleaning methods that address your siding’s unique materials. By using a combination of cleaning solutions and soft wash, we get your siding looking brand new in no time.

About non-pressure siding cleaning

American Safe Wash uses the Non Pressure Cleaning method called softwashing and uses only professional grade, fully biodegradable cleaners designed specifically for cleaning and treating surfaces in the most effective and safest way. American Safe Wash is Connecticut 1st and Oldest Softwash Systems Authorized company in the state of Connecticut.

Vinyl Siding

Many Vinyl siding manufactures discourage the use of pressure in the cleaning of their products due to the potential to not only damage the vinyl but introduce water into the interior envelope of the building or home. American Safe Wash uses a non pressure soft wash process that not only complies with the manufacturers recommendations but also results in a longer lasting cleaning compared to traditional pressure washing techniques.

Painted Wood Siding

Clean and Protect!
Painted wood siding cleaning presents the challenge of cleaning the surface without prematurely removing the paint or damaging the underlying wood. Soft washing avoids the problems commonly associated with other pressure based cleaning methods. Our cleaning process uses garden hose strength pressure to achieve our desired results with minimal disturbance.

What about using a pressure washer to strip paint?
Although it is a common practice to strip paint with a pressure washer, it is not our recommendation to use a pressure washer for this purpose. Pressure washers will strip paint quickly however most often times chipped or peeling paint has already allowed moisture to penetrate beneath the paint and using a pressure washer to strip the paint also results in damage to the underlying wood. Specifically made paint scrapers and/or chemical strippers are more appropriate for this application and safer for the overall service life of your painted siding surfaces

Stucco Siding

Stucco is a three dimensional delicate siding product composed traditionally of lime, sand and water. Stucco although being relatively low-maintenance, still presents many unique challenges for traditional pressure based cleaning methods since Stucco can be broken quite easily. American Safe Wash’s stucco cleaning services use a non pressure based cleaning method that completely addresses all aspects of this three dimensional surface without using any damaging pressure and provide the highest quality professional results.

Cedar Shake Siding

Cedar shake siding is often affected by mold, mildew as well as ultra violet exposure. Typically higher quality shakes are used for roofing applications and lesser quality shakes are used for siding. American Safe Wash’s cedar shake cleaning process is able to clean this delicate surface down into the pores of the wood resulting in the deepest clean without damaging the wood fibers in the process. Our soft wash cleaning process is the perfect preparation for subsequent staining and/or sealing.


Did you know…
The grey coloration seen in cedar shake is most often the result of untreated (non stained and/or non sealed) shake being exposed to the sun. Later this grey turns black, which is indicative of mold growth within the pores of shake. If that grey color is not the aesthetic look you desire then having the shake stained and/or sealed after cleaning is recommended.


Professional Brick cleaning is a specialty cleaning service American Safe Wash offers for both regular maintenance cleaning for typical mold and mildew cleaning but we also specialize in restorative brick cleaning services including graffiti removal.

A common restorative problem associated with brick is a process known as efflorescence. Efflorescence can occur naturally and may represent a cosmetic issue only or in some cases be indicative of serious structural weaknesses.   Efflorescence often appears as a white chalky residue. However, this residue can consist of calcite (calcium carbonate), lime run, white scum or calcium silicate and having the correct professional cleaning company can make all the difference in the quality of results.

EIFS Siding

Clean and Protect!
The EIFS manufacturers advise against using heavy abrasives, caustics or acids in the maintenance of their products. Softwash is a non pressure based cleaning method, which utilize the least amount of chemicals. American Safe Wash’s greener cleaning approach to exterior cleaning also is the safest for materials such EIFS while producing the best results.

Limestone Siding

Limestone is a sedimentary rock often times used to clad walls and flooring of commercial and municipal buildings. Limestone has unique cleaning needs due to it’s soft nature and sensitivity to PH. American Safe Wash offers both maintenance cleaning services as well as restorative cleaning services to include graffiti removal. Due to Limestone’s physical properties it is recommended that abrasive cleaning techniques not be performed in cleaning this material. A chemical cleaning process is the way American Safe Wash recommends this product to be cleaned because once an abrasive is used on Limestone it may become impossible to fully restore this surface after the damage is done.

Proper Siding Maintenance Matters

Heavy snow and rainfall result in dirt and dust caking onto your siding. The collected grime won’t only stain; it will also harbor moisture, which creates a breeding ground for mildew and mold.

Cleaning is the solution to this problem. A pressure washer is the ideal equipment of choice, but it can only be used by a skilled professional. Improper washing, after all, may lead to water infiltration between your sidings.

We have trained exterior washers who know thehow to use and angle the pressure washer properly. They will also recommend solutions that properly clean your home’s exterior.

Trust American Safe Wash to get rid of those unsightly black and green streaks on your sidings. Call us today.


The right solution for the right material

  • Different siding calls for different treatments. We know what’s right for yours.
  • Choosing harmful pressure washing techniques can damage and lessen the life of your siding
  • We treat the problem at its source resulting in cleaner, safer, longer lasting results.

Why “Softwash” is often the right solution!

  • Non-pressure system vs. a more harmful low or high pressure system
  • We use only professional grade, fully biodegradable cleaners designed for each type of siding.
  • It does more than wash away the surface – it treats the root cause!

Power washing isn’t enough to remove stains on your sidings. Let American Safe Wash get rid of stubborn dirt and grime with our tried-and-tested softwash siding cleaning methods. Call us today.

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