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    about cleaning solar panels

    Photovoltaic (PV) systems work best by exposing the solar panel modules to the maximum amount of uninterrupted sun light as possible. Any object preventing the photovoltaic cells from being exposed fully to sunlight will thereby decrease the systems output. Research by the US Based Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) indicates that photovoltaic electricity output will decline approximately 10% due to the accumulation of dirt, dust and other residues alone. SEPA research further notes the PV electricity output will decline as much as 15%-20% in areas where bird droppings, urban pollution or dust from farming operations are common. Studies by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory ( further support these findings by stating that without proper regular maintenance cleanings of a PV solar panel system result in the decline of output from 7% to as much as 25% reduce output.


    Maximize Efficiency and Performance
    10%-25% of electrical output is lost if you neglect to properly clean and maintain your solar panels Increase your Return on Investment

    Prevent avoidable damage to your System
    Organic and inorganic soiling can result in permanent damage through scratching, corrosion and hot spot heating

    Help Identify Minor Technical Problems and Technical Failures
    (deterioration of coatings, defects, entry of water, tightness of connections)

    common problems with solar panels


    Scratching can occur from organic and inorganic soiling of the panel. This scratching will result in permanent shading of the module and may result in future cracking.


    Corrosion can occur from organic soil bonding and chemicals within unfiltered water and soaps which can result in permanent damage to the solar panel module

    Hot Spot Heating

    Hot Spot Heating occurs when a single cell in a series string generates less current than the module because the cell is shaded due to dirt build up or inadvertent panel scratching. Heat is produced instead of electricity which results in less energy efficiency of the solar module as well as a reduced service life of the module.

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