Vinyl Siding Oxidation Restoration

Vinyl siding is a common form of siding used in Connecticut and provides a great, low maintenance option for homeowners.  Regular cleaning and maintenance mainly consist of regular low-pressure washing of the product every 1-3 years for keeping it clean of mold and mildew.  But just like other siding products, vinyl is susceptible to a process known as oxidation.  Homeowners who have aluminum siding are also very familiar with this phenomenon


Since vinyl siding is on the exterior of the home it is exposed daily to the suns UV rays and it is this sun exposure that causes Vinyl Siding Oxidation  Typically, this is first noticed on the Southern and Western facing sides of the home as it is these sides that often are most exposed to the sun’s rays.  By simply running a wet finger on a dry section of vinyl siding can reveal if your vinyl siding has started to oxidize.  If you notice any chalky residue on your finger, then, unfortunately, your siding has started the oxidation process.  Additionally, a film or haze may appear.  Often times the mold and mildew on the siding conceals this hazing and it is not until the home has been cleaned until this film or chalkiness is more noticeable.  It may also be more apparent at certain times of the day such as the morning when the morning dew clings to the siding surfaces in different areas.    

We have seen this process begin with vinyl siding that is only a few years old and already starts to show signs of oxidation.  Blue and Grey color siding tends to show sooner than other lighter colors of vinyl.  Because this isn’t always readily apparent when dirty we make sure to identify this as a potential problem that is not covered by normal low-pressure cleaning. Sometimes customers may think that it’s residual soap leftover from the cleaning process, but soap residue doesn’t appear the same blotchy way oxidized vinyl siding does, and the finger swipe usually indicates that it’s in fact oxidation.   Other methods of identification include removing the shutter or other objects that have shielded the siding from the sun to reveal the difference in conditions. 


Vinyl Siding Oxidation Restoration is a restoration process by which this surface can be restored in appearance but unlike a regular maintenance process, this involves a restoration process that involves specialized expensive solutions that are designed to remove this oxidized layer.  By removing the outside oxidized layer, it does bring back the surface to a more uniform appearance.  It will not bring it back to its original condition however and we first recommend seeking the assistance of the siding manufacturer to see if it is covered by warranty.  If it is not covered by your manufacturer warranty, then the vinyl siding oxidation is a good option rather than a replacement to achieve a more uniform appearance and remove the oxidized layer The drawback to the oxidation restoration process is the vinyl’s protective outer layer has been damaged by the sun and the siding will begin to oxidize again and usually at a faster pace, so this isn’t a permanent solution but does represent a way to extend the aesthetic appearance of the siding a little longer before the siding needs to be replaced. This restoration process does cost more than traditional cleaning however it is only a percentage of what replacement cost would be. 

If you would like to learn more about vinyl siding oxidation restoration for your home’s siding, please submit an inquiry through our website to request more information and have an onsite consultation scheduled.