• Fits all gutter & roof types
  • Both Flat wing & Bent wing configurations
  • 3 standard color options in steel
  • Copper & Aluminum frames available
  • Handles high-flow rainfall
  • Raised S-Curve design screen
  • Moss-Away & Melt Away options
  • W.U.I. & Class A Compliant
  • Limited Lifetime manufacture’s warranty

    Valor Gutter Guards

    Valor Gutter Guards have a sleek design with an elevated pressed mesh pattern that breaks water tension even from high rain flow. The patented design captures all water flow as it comes off of the roof while preventing debris from entering the gutter at the same time. This design prevents the fascia boards from dampening and protects the foundation from ground saturation due to heavy flow runoff.


    Limited Lifetime Warranty

    Valor comes with the industry’s best limitted lifetime warranty. Fully transferable, no-hassle & backed by Artesian Home Products.

    Professionally Installed

    Our dealer network has been extensively trained and tested to meet your highest expectations for quality and pricing.

    Top Rated Gutter Guard

    Valor has been extensively tested and chosen as the best product by the industries most trusted consumer advocacy group.





    Problems associated with clogged gutters

    Preventing problems with regular maintenance can avoid the following problems.

    • Water damage at your roof line and in your basement
    • Creates nesting site for termites, birds, mosquitoes and other insects
    • Damage to your landscape and gutters

    gutter maintenance program

    American Safe Wash offers several gutter service solutions including a semi-annual gutter maintenance service which will help to ensure that your gutters stay free and clear of debris to help keep your gutters clog free. Benefits of being on a gutter maintenance service are:


    • PREVENTION – Consistent cleaning will prevent your gutters from clogging
    • IDENTIFICATION – Twice a year inspection can help identify small issues before they become big ones
    • SIMPLE – You don’t have to remember to schedule the service (We will call you each fall and spring to schedule your gutter cleaning service appointment)
    • SAVINGS – Our maintenance program offers a significant discount

    We offer free estimates and consultations. Schedule an appointment or to find out more!

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