Cleaning Services Terms and Conditions

PROJECT SCOPE OF WORK  The work to be performed is the elimination of mold, mildew, and algae from treated surfaces as subject to the terms of this agreement.  We do not rinse down treated surfaces except for painted walls, awnings, and screen enclosures.  American Safe Wash will use water from the Client’s premises to mix chemical solutions and rinse appropriate plants, property, and designated treated surfaces. 
Scheduling: American Safe Wash will arrange with the Client an agreeable day for work to commence. In order for your job to be scheduled a credit/debit card must be on file and used for payment as we now are using a touch-free payment method for the safety of our customers and employees.  Before technicians arrive to perform work, the client agrees to make any and all arrangements for the protection or removal of all residents’ personal property to include but are not limited to patio and lawn furniture, vehicles, grills, etc.  The client’s residents or guests are to be notified a minimum of one day (24 Hrs) prior to the scheduled workday.  If work must be postponed due to failure of the Client to notify appropriate parties or due to resident non-compliance to notices, the Client will be subject to additional charges.  Additionally, due to the nature of our cleaning process, we require that other contractors, client’s residents, and guests are to either remain inside or away from the exterior surfaces being cleaned due to safety concerns.  Failure to comply with this requirement may result in a work stoppage and therefore be subject to additional charges.
Weather: Weather conditions are an important factor in our work environment and American Safe Wash may have to cancel work due to rain, wind or lightning. Rescheduling will be done at American Safe Wash’s discretion and with notification to the Client.
Method of Payment: The client’s card on file will be processed on the day of service upon reasonable completion and payment is required in full upon the day of service completion using the payment method on file.  Other payment requirements may apply to be outlined in the scope of work if applicable. Reasonable completion does not include touch-ups, buildings missed due to resident’s non-compliance to notices or unresolved damages. Any other method of payment must be approved by the contractor and amended to the contract prior to the commencement of the work.  If payment is not received accordingly, a ten percent (10%) penalty can be added to your outstanding balance. Non-payment will exclude you from privileges such as customer care and warranty claims.  
Collection of Payment: American Safe Wash reserves the right to place any account with invoices outstanding or overdue in collections, with a 1.83% finance charge (22% APR) to be assessed including all court costs, attorneys fees, and collection costs. American Safe Wash reports delinquent accounts to Dun & Bradstreet. In the event of a legal suit, the venue is to be held in Connecticut.
Work Place Safety: American Safe Wash operates with the highest level of workplace safety in accordance with the standards provided by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (O.S.H.A.) for employees working in a fall hazard.  American Safe Wash’s policy exceeds the standards, which are regulated by O.S.H.A.  American Safe Wash’s employees are required to be securely tied off using our fall protection and or positioning devices at all times on all roof areas regardless of type, height, or pitch. American Safe Wash may need to install a tie-down cleat on your roof in order to comply with O.S.H.A. standards.  Signing this contract gives consent for this installation.
Customer Care Claims: Any claim of damage due to American Safe Wash’s chemicals, personnel or equipment must be brought to American Safe Wash’s attention in writing within thirty days of completion of work or that claim will be considered null and void.  This excludes liabilities named within the expressed warranties above. Upon investigation by American Safe Wash’s Customer Care Unit, American Safe Wash will make restitution using our preferred contractors.  If this becomes unsatisfactory to the client, American Safe Wash will participate in legally binding arbitration.  The signing of this agreement by the client binds them likewise.    If the claim is plant-related American Safe Wash will replace the plant or refund to the Client the designated replacement cost in the event that it is proven that American Safe Wash damaged the plant.  A plant is determined to be damaged if there are no visible signs of growth (new buds, green stem under the layer of bark) within 90 days of the date of completed work. All claims are to be handled professionally, in a courteous fashion.  Please see below in the You Should Know section for additional information.
You Should Know:  American Safe Wash has experienced certain conditions that should be pointed out before we initiate service on your property. We have found that taking certain steps can eliminate plant damage associated with chemical exposure.  This requires the client to ensure all landscape and lawn areas are watered thoroughly at downspouts if roof cleaning service is being performed.  This watering requirement does not apply to siding cleaning services or other services. Where there are gutters you are required to make sure all downspouts do not drain into landscape beds. Plants and grass located at a gutter downspout can stress from exposure to the cleaners and the customer will not hold American Safe Wash responsible for stress caused at these downspout areas.  American Safe Wash is not responsible for plants at or around gutter downspouts, French drains or gutter leaks/damage,d or clogged gutters.  Plants abutting the siding should be trimmed back so that they are not touching the siding or any surface that is to be cleaned.  Any leaves or plants touching the siding may get stressed from the cleaning process and the customer accepts responsibility for having their plants adequately trimmed away to prevent this stress and does not hold American Safe Wash liable for plants not adequately trimmed back.  The customer agrees that any plant damage that may occur to plants abutting the siding is the sole responsibility of the customer and by agreeing to this contract you will not hold American Safe Wash liable.  Exterior aluminum commonly has dark oxidation that comes with aging.  This oxidation is not always removable. Rust stains associated with irrigation systems are removable with a separate chemical at a separate charge.  Rust stains associated with rusting cars, patio furniture, or from fertilizer are usually permanent and not removable.  Grease residue can be removed, but a permanent grease spot remains, even after the use of strong chemicals. Rust and Oil stains are charged as separate items. Please see your scope of work or call your American Safe Wash Rep to have them added to the scope of your contract of work.  Fire alarm control panels and other outside electrical equipment will be exposed to moisture. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure these items are made watertight before service. Water hose connections, pipes, and valves will be used for a water source. The customer will make sure they are in good working order and secured to the wall to avoid damages.  All electrical boxes are expected to be watertight and GFI protected.  The customer agrees to not hold American Safe Wash responsible for not watertight electrical fixtures and outlets.  All windows and other building openings are to be closed and/or sealed prior to the cleaning appointment and it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that these openings are in fact closed and/or sealed.  Using any type of pressure to perform an asphalt roof cleaning can result in granular loss therefore we do not recommend rinsing with our process except when only absolutely necessary. If the roof being cleaned requires manual removal of roof growth then American Safe Wash recommends at least six weeks’ time, post initial treatment to elapse, to allow for the dead roof growth to become dry and brittle. A secondary rinse and re-treatment would be subject to an additional fee and the customer acknowledges and assumes the responsibility of any potential granular loss and damage to the shingle. This additional step is most often times unnecessary and mother nature (wind & rain) over time will naturally and safely remove the dead roof growth.  Siding Oxidation:  various siding types to include but not limited to vinyl, aluminum, hardiboard, etc.. experience oxidation or weathering.  When siding is cleaned, blotchy spots may appear after mold and mildew is cleaned from those surfaces.  This is the result of exposure to the elements and not the result of the cleaning process.  This oxidation is usually most prevalent on the sides with the most sun.  Please note that cleaning of the siding sometimes will reveal this weathering and for vinyl, there is a vinyl siding oxidation restoration process but that restoration process would not be included in normal house washes and this restorative process may not be appropriate for all circumstance.  The customer understands and acknowledges this issue and understand the cleaning process is not at cause nor included in the cleaning service.
Expectations: American Safe Wash’s process is unique in the cleaning industry. American Safe Wash’s soft wash process should not be misinterpreted as a pressure washing. The use of the soft wash is for maintenance cleanings. Our process will not blow or blast away at any surface. It is a chemical that cleans away organic stains like mildew, algae and soiling, leaving behind an inhibitor that helps to keep algae and mildew stains from returning for as long as four to six times as well as pressure washing alone.  On roofs algae and mildew stains will almost completely disappear during our onsite cleaning however we depend on natural rains to rinse off the dead algae on your roofs. These dead algae can sometimes appear as a gray ash upon the roof. Please allow time to pass so that the moss and lichen have time to become dry and brittle and fall of naturally.  These fungal growths have fish hook style root systems that if you prematurely try to remove could result in damage to your shingle.  The moss and lichens took many years to appear and depending on the level of infestation can take weeks to months to safely fall off. Severe infestations may require a light garden hose rinsing and secondary re-spray if the roof pitch or wind exposure does not allow for natural removal however this is not recommended because it increase the risk of damage to the shingle and this is only for the heaviest of infestations.  This secondary treatment would be subject to an additional fee.  On flat concrete surfaces our cleaning initially will not look as good as a pressure washing. Give it also a couple rains and you will be pleased with your results. Gum, Oil, Grease, Rust and other Mystery Stains may need some pressure washing. This service would require an additional charge. American Safe Wash’s soft wash process will however take care of 95% of what is discoloring your concrete surface.  On building exteriors the soft wash cleaning can be rinsed off. We do this in order to rinse the residue off of your windows etc. However even after the best rinse effort your own hard water can dry spotted on the windows. Also balconies deserve mentioning. American Safe Wash proposals never include cleaning within the confines of a balcony unless specifically noted. History has dictated that it is difficult to get residents to clear off a balcony before our cleaning. Please take note; this may keep us from cleaning as much as twenty feet around the entire line of balconies. Please review the scheduling section of this agreement.
5 yr.Roof  Warranty: American Safe Wash will provide the service necessary to maintain a spot-free absence of dark molds and mildews from the client’s roof for a period of twelve (12) months from the original date of treatment cleaning.    For the second twelve-month period, through the end of the fifth twelve-month period American Safe Wash will treat in whole or in part any areas of recurring dark molds or mildews with the client paying 75% of current market value.   Areas of staining less than 25% of the total area of the roof will be prorated from the current hourly charge for service.  American Safe Wash reserves the right to courtesy treats small areas at the client’s request at a time acceptable to American Safe Wash’s scheduling.  American Safe Wash also reserves the right to discontinue any and all courtesy treatments.  This warranty covers shingle, slate, asbestos and composite roofs that have no water pooling and a minimum 4 on 12 roof pitch. This spot-free warranty is transferable to the new owner of the property.  American Safe Wash roof cleaning process is safe for roofs.  If American Safe Wash’s personnel or our process or the chemicals in our process cause any damage to a client’s roof, American Safe Wash will repair or replace the roof at its discretion.  Furthermore, if American Safe Wash’s process and or chemicals void the manufacturer warranty on a client’s roof, American Safe Wash will repair or replace the roof in accordance with the terms and conditions of the roofing manufacturer warranty.  Finally, if the recurrence of dark molds and mildews during American Safe Wash’s five-year spot-free warranty period cause proven damage to the client’s roof, American Safe Wash will repair or replace the roof at its discretion. 
Roof Warranty Validation: This Warranty is in force and active as of the date of job completion and will discontinue on the fifth anniversary, “60” months. Non-payment of your bill and charges will void this warranty. It is the customer’s responsibility to make claims for warranty treatments. Claims must be made at the first signs of the return of fungus staining. First return is defined as the reoccurrence of fungal “silver dollar size” spots before streaking and coverage of roofing materials. It is assumed that when the customer calls in a claim the customer intends to maintain and keep their roof clean. Once American Safe Wash validates the warranty to the customer in writing a contract for cleaning must be executed within thirty “30” days. Failure to execute a warranty contract within thirty “30” days will result in additional charges due up to and including current re-treatment prices.
Roof Coverage Limitations:  This warranty does not cover the following: Acts of God, roofing materials not originally treated by American Safe Wash, areas under roof mounted apparatus, mustard algae (Coccoid Green Algae), flat roof decks.  It is the client’s responsibility to keep the roof free of debris and tree limbs trimmed away at least eight feet from roof surface.  Warranty treatments do not cover the removal of roof debris, only the additional treatment of algae and mildew staining.