American Safe Wash has been Connecticut’s premiere power washing service since its inception. Serving all of Connecticut state, ASW provides the highest level of satisfaction and competency regarding Power Washing. ASW offers a safer alternative to high power pressure washing, it is known as Soft Washing. The benefits of regular maintenance power washing are abundant. Clean roof, shiny siding, sparkly concrete are just a few of the aesthetic benefits.

The benefits of using a Soft Wash as opposed to a high pressure power wash, depend on the type of surface being cleaned. We have all seen a poor mangled roof from a home owner who attempted to power wash their own roof. It isn’t pretty. When American Safe Wash uses the Soft Wash Method, it mitigates the risks for damage on old or delicate surfaces.

The Soft Wash method uses a special detergent that gets sprayed on the surface. This solution penetrates and breaks down dirt and mold. Once the solution has thoroughly soaked into the surface, we use a low pressure wand to spray the dirt and solution off of the surface. The main benefit of the soft wash is how delicate it is. Unlike high pressure washing, you won’t need to worry about chipping paint or shooting asphalt off your roofing shingles because there won’t be enough water pressure to do so.

While both methods have their benefits, traditional high pressure power washing has a larger number of potential down falls. Whether you want to power wash, or soft wash your surface, let the professionals at American Safe Wash leave your surfaces looking bright and new!

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