Moss Removal By American Safe Wash

Spring is coming to an end and Summer is right around the corner. Many families are spring cleaning their homes and garages. Not many families remember that Spring cleaning is a great time to take a look at the moss that has accumulated on the roof over the past few months. The removal of moss as well as regular maintenance is of the up most importance in maintaining the quality and life expectancy of your roof.

Living in an area with high moisture and humidity can make moss grow at a rapid rate. If you don’t remove the moss often, it can contribute to the degradation of your roof. The national average cost of a new roof is $9,000 according to Fixr. That cost is for 1,500 square feet of asphalt shingles. The bigger the roof, the larger the cost of repair. From a young age most people learn that preventative dental care will cost you less over time than the cost of dental repair. Your roof is no different. Maintenance will cost you less over the life of your roof, then it will to repair or replace your roof.

Moss will grow on top of your shingles, as well as underneath them. It will find its way into small cracks. As the moss grows, it will begin to erode the shingles and push them up. This causes a variety of issue including, allowing water to seep down into the roof deck area.  If your shingles begin to lift or curl up they can easily be blown off and damaged. Potentially even worse then your shingle blowing off is the mold that could begin to grow due to the moisture exposure. According to the Mayo Clinic the exposure to mold can be detrimental to the health of your family. Especially if you have small children or elderly in your home.

There are many reasons and benefits to have your roof cleaned by American Safe Wash

  • Similar to dental care, you will have a long term savings by utilizing regular maintenance.
  • American Safe Wash uses a non pressurized cleaning system called Soft Washing.
  • American Safe Wash uses fill biodegradable cleaners designed specifically for roof cleaning.
  • We use certified and trained professionals to take the up most care of your roof.
  • Customer Satisfaction is our #1 priority


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